Posted on: February 19, 2008 2:21 pm
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Progress this year and looking into next - Part 1

This year has been a lot of fun watching this group battle it out. We have really seen a great deal to look forward to for next year


PAUL HARRIS- Paul has irritated us all year with boneheaded plays but he is a true warrior and a bigtime player. We would not have won ten freaking games without him. He really has improved his game so much it is scary. He is much better using the dribble and keeps improving his shot. I see him being the same guy next year just with less minutes. Still he has to be a 30 min/game guy for next year. I am looking towards 10/7/ 4 for Paul next year simply due to the depth of this team.


JONNY FLYNN- The other half of the Niagara duo has been nothing short of spectacular. Many of us tend to forget this kid is just a freshman. He is one of the best PGs in the country right now. The biggest thing for jonny to work on will be his shooting. Jonny will likely be more in the range of a 10 7(assists) 2rebs  guy next year as we will not need him to score every night. He will also be someone who can drop 30 as well if needed. I think he will come back easily as a pre-season all american. Jonny will go down as one of the greatest PG's in SU history mark my words.


ARINZE ONUAKU- Just as Jonny will be legendary to SU so will Arinze. This kid has showed us so much already with the ability to offer so much more. Next year he should be just as much a force or more than this year. He needs to work on his short jumper and be able to hit that shot inside the free throw line. I see Arinze at 10-11/ 9 nearly a double double guy next year. Again this will be a team that can score at will next year. Arinze should have no trouble picking up where he left off to become one of the most dominant centers in the league.

Kristof Onganeat- Kong has been huge for us this year. He is a gritty player who crashes the boards well and plays tough defense. He will be sharing his minutes likely next year but still will be needed. He brings a major defensive intensity and also he should continue to work on his outside shot. It doesn't have that bad of form and would really add to his value and minutes if he could be able to hit that shot. I see him at 4/4/2/2 next year with pts/rebs/blks/assists. He will be extremely important as an energy guy with the freshmen coming in next year. This is exactly the kind of player that comes of the bench and defines your team as having depth


DONTE GREENE- Well we still have plenty of season left to play right now but I do not see Donte going anywhere after this year. On the major draft boards he has begun to drop off and he has yet to show a strong ability to take it to the rim consistently or to be able to hit the outside shot consistently. He needs a lot more development than I thought originally. This will be a good thing for next year though. Donte will play a key role in providing an explosive outside threat aside from Andy and Eric. Those two will help keep pressure off of Donte as will the freshmen who also can hit the outside J. I see Donte at 13-6 and 3 next season. These numbers could be way up as well however I think Donte could be a 3 year guy as opposed to two. He will see a lot of flexibility between the 3 and 4 positions.

coming soon - part 2 including scoop, rick jackson, andy, eric , then part 3 with new freshman

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